Friday, January 25, 2008

DIE, Teletubbies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And where the HELL is my coffee???)

There are a few children's "educational" programs that I cannot stand. I mean, I really, really detest them. Among them would be the one where all of the fuzzy characters speak in a "zoo-loo" language (or something of the sort), the one with the black guy dressed in a strange plastic outfit where (more) fuzzy things come out of his briefcase and dance around to nonsense music. I would have to rank the Teletubbies right at the top of this list. First of all, can we really classify these shows as "educational", when they barely speak one word of English? And when they do speak English, it's on the level of an 18-month old?? Who thinks up these things?

All of that to say... the remote is all the way across the room (go, go gadget arms!!) and my coffee is nowhere to be found (it was right next to me a second ago, how did I lose it??) My three youngest, ages 3, 3 & almost 2 are sitting here entranced by this nonsense show. I can literally see their language skills regressing! Great, and here's a promo for a NEW freaky show "Panwaba", sound like they all speak "Waba". Now, if only my coffee were still sitting next to me. I could take a sip and maybe that would fuel my lazy ass exhausted body to get up out of this oh-so-comfy chair so I could finally change the freakin' channel already!

I never in a million years thought I'd hear myself say this, but thank GOD, Barney's on!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dr. King

I woke all four of my soundly sleeping boys this morning at six o'clock. The Husband is out of town, so I had to wake them ALL up just to take the oldest to the carpool which meets at the park & ride about six minutes from my house. I would have kept him home, but he had a field trip to the aquarium that I didn't want him to miss. I woke the oldest first, since he can get himself ready while I'm getting the others dressed. I then went to wake the the twins, only to find that one had had diarrhea sometime during the night and it was crusted all over him (I know, nice picture) his sheets, pillow - everything. I had to draw a quick bath for him while frantically dressing the other twin and the baby (BAD mommy, leaving the twin in the tub alone!!) Twin One didn't want to come out of the bath, so wrestling his clothes on was fun. Shockingly, I made it out of the house with a few minutes to spare, so I stopped at D&D for some coffee for me and donuts for the boys (I know, I know, don't even bother telling me how bad all that sugar is before school.) Right at 7:25, I pulled into the park & ride. Nobody was there. Nice, I rush to get my FOUR kids out of the house, and they're sleeping in with their ONE kid each (actually, one of them has FIVE kids and one on the way, but only one goes to school and her husband is always there - plus, it sounds better for my story to say they each have ONE kid, so, for the sake of the story they have one kid each)... at least one of them is always late. The only time we're late is if Hubby takes them. Ten minutes go by. This is getting ridiculous. I start texting. "Are you coming today??" No response from anyone. Rude. I call. No answers. I guess I'm going to have to drive him in even though it's not my day! Then, my ears zone into something on the radio that's barely audible. "Blah, blah, blah... Martin Luther King, blah blah blah..."
Yes. I did know it was MLK day. What I did not know was that there was no school today. The field trip is next Monday. I was looking at the wrong week on the school calendar.

In related news, I got some desperately needed groceries. I went to the gym and worked my @$$ off for an hour. I even took the kids to Friendly's for lunch. All before noon! And all of which I would NOT have done had I known school was closed on MLK's birthday (I meant no disrespect, Dr. King, but hey, we ended up celebrating in style!)

Friday, January 18, 2008

And the Worst Mom of the Year Award Goes to...

Okay, so this blog is supposed to be mainly about my weight-loss journey, with a few anecdotes of family life. These days it seems like the mom side of things is overtaking the weight-loss side (as well it should, I suppose.) Well, that's basically how my life is going right now. I am focussing more on my crazy home life and less on my weight loss. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. I am still sticking to WW completely, it's just that after a long day the main thing on my mind is what happened with my crazies rather than what I ate for dinner (I had a salad I threw together if you're wondering, in between picking children up off the floor after they fell off a chair trying to watch a movie at the counter and tickling contests amongst the flipped-over footstools & chairs that are the make-shift fort that is my living room.) See, there I go.

All that to say that this, once again will be a post dedicated to mommy-hood.

It was another exciting day here at the Crazy house. I almost feel guilty relaying this story, but isn't that what the world of blogging is for? It all began fairly normally. Breakfast was a little iffy. The twins wouldn't touch their food. One of them was just sitting there staring blankly. I tried to get him to take a bite (he's the good eater of the two and it was waffles after all, who doesn't like waffles??) and he started to gag. Well, come to find out, he had a little fever and wanted to lay on the couch. All day. Yay! That's fine with me! So, the twins were pretty low-key. That gave me a little time to work on some laundry and tidying up that desperately needed to be done. Biggest Brother has been bugging me since last night to go outside sledding, but with one sick, and one semi-sick I couldn't really leave them and take the other two out.

While waiting for another load to dry, I sat down for a few minutes to catch up on some of my reads. I was in the living room with the twins, and Big Brother & Baby were upstairs. Or so I thought. They had followed me up & down the stairs a few times while I was putting away laundry and from the distance of their voices, the only logical conclusion was they were upstairs, and playing nicely. Until Baby started screaming. "What did you do to him?!?" I yelled. Biggest brother comes running into the living room - with his shoes on (??) "Baby was IN the street and almost got hit by a car!!" Nothing is processing. Suddenly it hits me, as I bolt for the (OPEN) door. There is Baby, standing barefoot in the snow on the front porch, screaming.

Now, I didn't see or hear any car. And I'm thinking if Baby was actually in the street, and if there actually WAS a car, wouldn't someone STOP their car and look for the owners of said baby? I think so. So I'm guessing there was no car. But still. How scary, right?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Do NOT Get Paid Enough for this Sh!t

Have you heard this before once or twice? Well, in an effort not to sound too much like Dr. Phil in reference to mommy-hood as a profession, I will simply replay the wonderful evening I had with my boys and you can judge what I should be paid for this.

Note: Husband is thousands of miles away for the weekend hanging out with his buddies for work.

I'm rolling around on the floor with my 3 youngest hoodlums after their baths (I know, eww, dirty floor, clean kids, but oh well.) Baby is tackling me, laughing hysterically. Twins are playing their Leapsters trying to avoid my tickle fingers. Dog is trying to join in the fun.
"Did someone poop?" I smell poop, I KNOW I smell poop (as only a mom of 4 toddlers knows the smell.)
Nooooo!! all three shiny-clean, innocent faces chime together.
"Owen, you pooped, didn't you?"
No. I dinnent poop!
"Yes you did, I can SMELL it." (yes, I know the difference between the SMELLS of their poops. This didn't smell familiar, which usually means it's Owen - you don't want to know...)
No. I dinnent. See! He kindly turns around and sticks his butt in my face. I take a niiiice deeep inhale. (again - only a mom!) Nothing.
Huh. Emmett? "Did you poop Emmett?" (Baby)
Yethhhh. I boop!! Another sniff... Nothing. Little Turkey. Collin??
"Did YOU poop?"
No answer.
I sniff him... Still nothing.
{Enter Dog.}
"Gross!!! Get away from us, you smell like poop!!!" I check her out. She does smell like poop, KID poop, but I see nothing on her. I shoo her away and continue playing.

After a while, I realize that the oldest hasn't come down from his nap yet and it's 7 o'clock. I'd better wake him up. I go up the stairs. Is that dumb dog following me?? Pew!

...And there it is... at the top of the stairs... a crumpled up pair of underwear smooshed into the floor, and a path of poo... all the way down the hallway from the bathroom... all over the bathroom floor leading to a pair of pants... all over the toilet.


No answer.
I look in his room. He's not there. I walk back down the hallway, trying to sidestep around the brown streak on the floor, over the underwear into my room. There is my little angel. Sitting on my bed playing his Leapster.
"I was sleeping and I pooped in my sleep!" He says eyes wide, brimming with tears, not sure if he needs to full-on cry to make this more convincing...
He needs to go straight to the bathtub. I take him to mine, it's closer... I stop dead.
All over the bathtub.
MY bathtub!

Thus began my loooong evening of scrubbing bathrooms and steam-cleaning carpets. This is AFTER a long day at work (which is actually a long BREAK from my real job!) The only plus side is, I HAD to earn some activity points lugging that huge carpet cleaner up and down 2 flights of stairs and up & down hallways (of course, I had to do a once-over of each of their rooms while I had it up there!) Not to mention all the loads of laundry created by this little fiasco. Now if I could just figure out where that URINE smell is coming from in the living room...

Good grief!! If they weren't so damn CUTE, I'd have to QUIT!

Didn't Your Mother Ever Tell You Not to Hit Girls??

"Latte? SKIM Latte?" Okay, am I crazy for ordering a skim latte? Does that defeat the purpose? If you heard the incredulity in my co-worker's voice, you'd think I ordered my coffee with crack in it. Maybe I should be the designated coffee runner from now on, because after I had the gall to ask for skim milk, I added to it by asking for sugar-free french vanilla (I know, I'm such a prima donna) he stood there and stared at me blankly for a good minute. Sugar free? Do they make sugar free syrup? Men.

Speaking of crack. My 4 year old came up with something pretty funny. He asked for something during dinner, and before I could even begin my usual bribery (you know the one "if you eat your food... okay, if you eat three more bites...) wide-eyed, he stated "I know, after I eat my food... I have to eat all my food. If we don't eat our food, our skin is going to dry up and crack." Ummm... I'm thinking we can thank Grandma for this one. I can hear the conversation in my head ("If we don't drink enough water...") The skin-cracking thing runs in the family, and is usually brought on by washing too many dishes. Which is why I leave mine for the babysitter. ;)

TOM has hit me like a ton of bricks. I think he is quite ill-mannered. Isn't the gentler sex supposed to be treated with utmost care and kindness? I don't care what society is telling us about equality, I will teach my boys to open the door, pull out the chair, give up the last seat... And yet, once a month I am visited by the most unwelcome, impolite guest. Last night, after a long day at work, TOM decided to wreak havoc on my lower back. I couldn't even sit in my cozy chair and blog, or zone into a pointless two hours of American Idol. I had to wrestle the boys (who have a few manners yet to learn themselves) through dinner, bathtime and into their beds. Then I headed straight for bed. Sleep evaded me. No position eased my aching back. So I turned to my good friend, Advil PM (four, to be precise) and the comforting warmth of my heating pad and finally drifted off to sleep... three hours after climbing into bed.

Hence the fat-free, sugar-free, FUN-free latte.

Monday, January 14, 2008

My Weekly Respite

This is what I came home to after volleyball last night... so sweet!!
Gotta love getting home and they're all in jammies, have had their stories and are ready for bed. Looks like it went smoothly, doesn't it?? Don't be fooled, alot can happen under the not-so-watchful eye of Grandma... To name a few: a couple of pairs of underwear had to be thrown away ("Collin was dancing around, so I asked him if he had to go... but by the time I got him in there, he had already..." and you can guess the end.)

And this is the other thing that happened...

Collin tripped on nothing, I mean, the tile in the kitchen and his tooth went completely through his lip. Ouch. My mother told me this story as calmly as if she was telling me he finished all his dinner. My baby!! Notice he's as happy as ever with the gash in his lip. Little stinker. I just hope it doesn't scar. Ahh, the hair raising joys of raising boys!!**

After my grueling workout in the morning, I rocked at volleyball. I thought I'd be too tired to play well, but *gasp* I actually had more energy... I even jumped higher... I actually got a couple of fingers on the ball while blocking a huge hitting 6' something guy on the opposite team - woot, woot!! :) Maybe next time I'll actually stop him, ha ha. He's big, and he hits hard.

Oh, did I mention I lost 4 pounds this week?? Yeah, slight sidenote!! Which means I have fewer points... which means I need to work out more. :)

**the title of a book I read a while ago.

The Longest Thirty Minutes of my Life

Labor? No, but it felt like it - minus the pain meds! After waking up at 6:45 and taking my oldest spaz to the Park & Ride for carpool, instead of going home and going back to sleep for an hour like a sane person, I decided to torture myself and go to the gym. I haven't been in a while. Like a couple of months. During my last regular stint of gym-going, 30 minutes on the elliptical was a breeze. It could have been because I went with my bff Tina, and the minutes just fly by full of celeb-talk and people-watching. This morning, there were about 3 not so interesting ladies (although, I'm sure Tina and I could have found something to dish about - we always do!) in the women's gym. The closed-captioning on the morning news wasn't working. The print in the People magazine from last year was too tiny for me to see through my blinding sweat. I did have a little text-a-thon with said bff which I was sure had distracted me from my agony for about 20 minutes - until I moved my magazine and realized it had only been about five, during which the elliptical I was on decided to malfunction and actually make me feel like I was treading lead. Literally, when the incline went up, the resistance just stopped. I nearly fell off with my cell phone in one hand and towel in the other! Not to mention my heart rate read 49 when it was clearly somewhere over 200 (okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but pretty close!) Can someone please tell me what they're doing with our $180/month??? I mean, they just sent out a lovely letter telling us how they just spent $170,000 or so on upgrades and renovations and would have to raise our dues $10/month (as they do every year.) What exactly did they upgrade?!?! Nothing looks different to me than the last time I visited! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!! Unfortunately, it's automatically deducted from our bank account every month, so there's not much I can do. Anyway, I switched machines after what seemed like hours, but was actually only 17 minutes - 13 torturous minutes to go! The last thirteen minutes dragged by pretty uneventfully other than my face turning so beet red I wanted to walk out with my sweatshirt over my head.
That 38 degree air smacking my face has never felt better!! I rolled down the windows to try and cool down. It's an hour later and I still looked like someone smacked me, but you know what? I feel energized and I have a few extra points to use today! Hopefully the energy lasts through the day and I don't pass out from sheer exhaustion on the volleyball court tonight!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

An Evening at the Mall

The husband and I decided that it would be fun to get out of the house for the evening - with all four boys. Two of whom are potty-training. This mall we went to is not the one that's five minutes from our house. It's not the mall that's 15 minutes from our house either. It's the one that's about 35-40 minutes from our house. Well, the first forage out in underwear actually went surprisingly well. The boys hadn't really had much to drink during the day, so I had promised them their cups in the car. Slight misjudgment, they sucked the entire cups down in 5 minutes. So, we park and have to run the toddlers to the restroom. We made it (pretty much - a drop or 2 on the undies doesn't count as far as I'm concerned.) The second trip to the potty, only about 20 minutes later, was even more productive. One of them actually went #2! We did have one incident on the way out, at the very end of the evening, which involved Daddy throwing away a brand new pair of Cars underwear, but the trip was an overall success. Mental note: don't send Daddy running off with the boys when there's a potty emergency. Have HIM stay with the stroller and take them yourself.
On the WW front, it was a success as well. The three older boys had pizza, the baby had Chick-fil-A (mmmmmm, pretty tempting!) and Mommy & Daddy had Subway. I'm surprised that I didn't stumble, since my bread was "so dry you had to eat it in the rain" as my husband would say, and they loaded on some interesting things. That's what I get for sending the husband to get my food. We all know I'm too particular to send anyone else to do my ordering by now! Luckily, I was so distracted with getting these hoodlums to SIT DOWN!! TAKE A BITE!!, etc. that I didn't have a chance to stray.
Tonight will be a little more challenging. It's a formula for disaster. Babysitter + Football Party. I did offer to bring a salad, so hopefully I can fill up on that and not be too tempted by the rest of the "football food". The funny thing is, I haven't touched my flex points. I just don't like using them for some reason. Especially all at one time, since my points start over on Monday. I don't want to eat a bunch of crap and then weigh-in, ya know? Maybe I'll use some of them if there's anything sort-of healthy.
Wow, this was a pretty boring post. Just didn't want to go a day without posting just yet.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Put a Stinkin' Muffler on that Thing!!

I remember whistfully the days when "sleeping in" meant snuggling down under my covers in my nice, warm bed until 10 or 11 o'clock on a Saturday morning. These days, when it's my day to sleep in, I get until 8. And that's after waking up at 6:45 to remind my darling husband that it's his day to take Jake to the carpool. He then proceeds to ask me a million questions, "Did you pack his lunch, did you set out an outfit?" Then I lie there for half an hour listening to him slowly brush his teeth and get ready before going to wake up our son. I can't try to fall back to my precious slumber until I hear the garage door open and my biggest kids slam the door.
Well, apparently a teenager on our street recently acquired a "new" car. By "new" I mean a shiny teal-colored 1985 something-or-other (I'm not a car person, forgive me.) I think you can see where this is going. The second I start drifting off...VROOM, VROOM, VROOOOOOOOOOM!!!! Mind you, it's seven in the morning! This goes on for a good 45 minutes. Goodbye, extra hour of sleep. Now, I don't know much about cars, but I'm pretty sure that this is unnecessary. I'm not sure if this boy is doing this on purpose or not, but as I toss and turn, try to readjust my earplugs and pillows over my head, and focus on the droning of my fan, I think to myself "If I wanted to report this, do I call 9-1-1? I mean, it's not really an emergency, I guess - but they don't realize how precious my sleep really is! So what would I do, call 4-1-1 and ask for the local police station? Should I talk to this kid's parents and ask them nicely to PUT A MUFFLER ON THEIR SON'S CAR???" I'm beside myself. I must add that this car has been in their family since I moved here, and I've never heard it until the past month or so. Which is why I think that this kid is waking up the whole neighborhood intentionally. What is he, street racing with this thing?? Then my mind drifts to a time, about 12 years down the road from now... when MY beloved angel turns 16. I have a feeling I'll be the one on the street with the police showing up at my door...
*"The Circle of Life" plays softly in the backround.*
Then the twins start yelling in their room "MOOOOOOMMY!!! Come get me, I want to get out of my CRIIIIB!!!" in unison.
So much for sleeping in.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'd first off like to say that I am not one to use chliche's, including "internet lingo" cliche's, or acronyms, if you will. You know what I mean. It took me a couple of years to start using LOL. Actually, I still hesitate for a quarter of a second (and that's a long time for me, I type pretty darned fast!) before I use it now, and only under dire circumstances - like when I'm actually ROFL. I do NOT use that one, because it doesn't even make SENSE!! R - Rolling, okay, we're doing okay, I get it. O - on, F - floor. WAIT JUST A MINUTE!! ON got it's own letter, but THE, which is a whole letter longer than ON is completely overlooked??? AND it gets worse!! L - ummm... what does the L here stand for? Are we all of a sudden using the second letter of the word now?? Then shouldn't it be ROONFL, or more precisely ROONTHFL???? Okay, I think you get my point. Okay, I've JUST realized that I'm a complete and utter idiot. The L stands for Laughing, doesn't it? Well, I'm glad you were all here to see that. They still left out the THE, though, so I still win.
I DIGRESS (hee hee - I always giggle when I say "I digress" and in my head I'm saying it with a deep, professor-like voice - yes, there's a voice in my head narrating this... now we're getting somewhere!) Back to the NSV. My day didn't start off very well. I woke up about 15 minutes late to get my oldest darling to the carpool. I left my cell phone (a.k.a. calendar, notes, phone numbers, BRAIN) sitting on the kitchen counter. It was either be even LATER, or try to rush to the park & ride a little less late. Well, on the rural road leading to the main road I got stuck behind a school bus. Can you tell me why the school bus has to stop at EVERY house on a street? Can they not walk to their neighbor's house to catch the bus? What ever happened to bus stops - you know where all the kids from the neighborhood walk, or are driven, to ONE spot??? I finally made it to the park & ride, only a few minutes late. At this point it really wasn't an option to drive all the way home to get my cell phone before work. Okay, I can handle one day without a cell phone, right? WRONG! I had a baby shower to go to straight from work... which was in my schedule - in my CELL PHONE, on the kitchen counter at home. As was the number for the girl whose house it was at... and her address. Anyway, all that to say - I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast. I figured if I distracted you with a long boring story, you'd be so bored by the time you got there your jaw wouldn't drop to the floor aghast (another word I felt a sudden intense desire to use.) Well, prepare to be more appalled. I succumbed to a craving for vegetable mei fun (Chinese rice noodles) for lunch. I had 10 points left for my day; and I know you don't have my cell phone with you, so I'd better remind you that I had a Baby Shower (i.e. cookies, brownies, dips, CAKE.) "Does she not know what NSV stands for?" you're asking yourself.
Short and sweet, I didn't eat cookies, I didn't eat brownies, I ate a teaspoon of dip, and I didn't eat cake. I ate SALAD, and lots of it. I ate celery and carrots. Instead I just gabbed and gabbed with my friends. What fun! I sat in the living room, away from the food, even when everyone else but me and a 10 year old girl were still in the living room. I just talked to her! What a cutie.
So there you have it. NSV #1 for me this go-round. Thank you, thank you (the voice in my head, which now seems to have a body - is taking a bow.)
P.S. for the day - I know that cliche's doesn't have an apostrophe in it, the apostrophe is trying to be the accent over the e that I can't get to work.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Year, New Hair... (and hopefully new body!)

I thought of a good title! A day late and a dollar short, but hey - I'll take it. I forgot to mention that I went dark! Boy, you'd never know I gained 10 pounds from all the compliments I'm getting about it. Of course, what else are people supposed to say "Oh, you dyed your hair..." So maybe some of the compliments aren't 100% truth, but any compliment at this point is a good one (and a coveted one!) I'm hoping that soon, they'll have more (or LESS, that is!) to compliment me on other than my hair.

Now let me explain the pictures to the right. The top one is me and my husband, before we were married and 4 kids ago. In reality, it was only a little over 5 years ago. Wow. I wish you could see that picture closer up. My face actually has dimensions. There are nice, skinny smile creases on the sides of my face... I can't explain it. Now my face is big and round. And that's just my face. If I'm going to be honest, I carry my weight pretty well. I've always struggled with the scale, but all growing up, even the dr's were shocked by the actual number on the scale - even when I was thinner. I think I look pretty darned good at 150 pounds, whereas I know some girls who think they're cows at that weight. I mean, I never thought I was skinny, but my stomach was flat, my FACE was thin, my arms were looking pretty good. I have big legs, but when I'm thin, they're mostly muscle - yet, I still couldn't wear knee-high boots. You get the picture. Anyway, I digress (really, I just wanted to use "I digress" at least once today - I love that phrase!) I want to look like that again. Heck, I want to look BETTER than that from the neck down! Or at the very least, from the waist down. The one beneath it is a similar picture... five years and 4 kids later. I can't really blame it on the kids, though! Can I let you in on a little secret?? Seriously, you need to keep this between you and me. I LOSE weight when I get pregnant. No, I'm not lying!! Ask Tina! Oh, I see you don't believe me, tomorrow I'm going to upload a picture of me during my last pregnancy. One of my pregnancies, I lost 16 pounds when I first got pregnant. Then, I gained EIGHT back throughout the pregnancy - that's -8 pounds! Then, once I give birth, I generally lose 15-30 pounds in the first three weeks. It is THEN that they start creeping back on. When I'm breast-feeding. I sit here - right in this very chair - with a huge glass of water and whatever snack (my preference is usually pb&j's when I'm nursing - my cravings start once I give birth, go figure!) I can grab with a HUNGRY, screaming baby or 2 in my arms... And it just creeps back on. I think my body freaks out when I start breastfeeding. "Oh no, oh NO, I'm losing calories... I'm not working out, and I'm losing calories!! Quick, I'd better store some FAT before I STARVE!!!"

Boy, I explained the heck out of those photos! The rest of them speak for themselves.

Oh, and P.S. (I think I'm going to do a p.s. in every post) I weighed myself this morning - down another 2 lbs. So THERE, Glenn!! I'm catching up!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Biggest Loser

I know, totally original title, but after a long day, sitting here watching the show - that's all I've got. It was between that and "Here we go again", which was pretty much just as original.
Hello, diet. I'm back on the wagon!! Yay! And this time I've got a convert with me. My husband Glenn is doing Weight Watchers with me. Seriously, I feel like that commercial - you know, the one where the lady says "I stopped drinking soda and lost 2 lbs. My husband stopped drinking soda, and lost 20 lbs. My husband stopped eating carbs and lost 25 lbs, I haven't touched a piece of bread in a year and lost 5 lbs..." (or something to that affect.) I should be happy. If I wasn't doing this with him, I'd be happy. I LOST 2 LBS!!! BUT... he lost SIX FREAKING POUNDS!!! I'm happy for him, though. It, of course, helps when he's not wolfing down whole cartons of Ben & Jerry's while I'm eating a salad, though. The thing that kicked him into gear was seeing my brother in law's weight-loss progress. We saw him over Christmas and he looks pretty good. He's lost about 15-20 lbs, and wasn't that big to begin with. Glenn asked him how he did it and he said "Two pounds a week. It's not much, but it's doable, and it adds up." (Can we say "Weight Watchers 101, anyone?"
I'm doing really well, I think. I'm feeling motivated. I'm making right decisions. I was hoping for a little more than 2 pounds, but 2 lbs is 2 POUNDS. Pretty awesome. I'm on my way. I've gained since the last time I started WW, so I have quite a distance just to get back to my start weight, let alone my goal weight which seems like a distant dream right now. I'm excited, though. I'm not feeling like giving up at all. My mini-goal right now is to just to exercise more. I play volleyball 2 nights a week, but I've always done that. I need EXTRA exercise. The problem is just finding time in my schedule to do it (she says from her lounge chair in front of the t.v. with a computer on her lap.) Ha ha. No, really, I had a volleyball game tonight. The thought did cross my mind fleetingly that I could drop by the gym after, but I chose saying goodnight to my kids instead.
So, this first post after being a ghost for so long is really keeping in line with the title of my blog. Talk about a ramble! I just felt that since my bestest friend bumped me to the top of her blog roll, I shouldn't let her down and keep quiet.
As a P.S. could I please say that I could NOT be on The Biggest Loser??? I thought before I watched the show that it would be a cinch (hello, yeah, I think I'd lose weight if I worked out ALL day every day with personal trainers and stuck to a fixed calorie diet with all of America watching what I ate!!), then I realized they can't call their families!!! AND, AAAAND!!! They have to weigh in in freakin' sports bras and spandex! Good LORD! Yeah, I'll stick with my comfy chair in front of the tv, thanks.