Saturday, February 14, 2009


That's right - I'M GOING TO BUDAPEST!!
I will be leaving March 10th and return March 25th. I'm SO beyond excited! I've already purchased my ticket and everything.
Yes, you read that right - over TWO WEEKS away from my precious kiddos. I was booking the ticket, and an extremely low price popped up for these dates. I told my lovely husband and he said "Go ahead!" I asked him FIVE times, just to make sure he knew what he was getting into!
I mean, if I'm going to go to Europe, I might as well GO, right?! I am due for a mommy vacation! So, now that I've gotten all of these monetary donations... all I need now is donations of TIME to help take care of my mommyless brood while I'm away!!
Hint, hint. ;)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pathetic Attempt at Begging

Okay, so it's been a million years (again) since I've blogged - and a hectic million years at that! It would take another million years to put it all on "paper", so I'm thinking I should just start fresh with right NOW, and slowly this year (do we REALLY want to remember it??) will surface on its own.

So, let's get down to the purpose of this particular post. Begging. :) I am unashamedly begging for help to get to Eurocon. What is Eurocon? It is an international conference our worldwide church holds every year in Budapest, Hungary. Why is this year so important? Because this past year, my best friend in the whole world moved to Budapest to be a missionary and a teacher in their international school. I miss her terribly and cannot wait to see her. All year I have been planning to make this trip to Budapest. When my husband's company closed down and we could no longer pay our mortgage, I would still answer the question "Are you going to Eurocon" with a definite YES. I know it sounds ridiculous and maybe a little irresponsible, but I really feel like I am meant to go.

This is NOT only to see my best friend. Eurocon is an amazing, life-changing experience, and I think God has something special for me there. Not that I haven't been receiving something special from Him HERE, I have. I have NEVER felt God's presence more clearly than I have through these impossible times. We've lost SO many precious people this past year... starting with last year during Eurocon when a very close friend of mine lost her father, and ending with a couple of weeks ago when ANOTHER close friend lost her father (also a close friend of my family.) These precious times away together with a relatively small group from our local church are times of bonding like no other. Last year I was there with Arline shortly after she got the news of her brother's passing (she is my friend's aunt.) She said there's no place she would rather have been when she found out, than with this FAMILY of friends to hold her up. I just can't even put into words what Eurocon means to me in so many ways.

So here I am, unabashedly asking for donations so I can go. I know there are more deserving people who I would love to go as well, but the thought popped into my head this morning after a conversation with my husband who told me the only way I can go is if a miracle happened. Who am I to limit God? If I don't get enough money to go, of course I will be sad... but I really don't see that as happening. PLEASE don't feel bad if you can't give anything. I don't WANT anyone to give ANYthing if they can't. I'm serious. I just figured if 70 people could give 10 bucks, that would pay for my ticket! I don't need a hotel room as I'll be staying with my BFF.

So here you go. I'm attaching a paypal button where you can donate. Otherwise, just PRAY! Thank you, and I love you all!!

Our crazy group in the Castle District
SUCH a great day with Staz, Gracie & Tina (even though I was wearing the same clothes for 4 days because my luggage was lost!)
Me & Arline