Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Turned the Other Way

Well, yay for me!! A little victory today. I picked up the nanny at 8:30 a.m. and was headed to the gym. I hadn't eaten breakfast yet because I had run out of my favorite breakfast - Fiber One Oats & Chocolate bars. I didn't want that to be an excuse to give up early on the exercising, so I was going to go to Dunkin Donuts for a jelly donut (4.5 pts.) I was at the light to turn toward D&D. It turned green, and at the last second, instead of turning left, I turned right... toward the gym - and the grocery store. Instead of the donut, I went and bought more fiber one bars and a banana. Sure, one F1 bar & 1 banana may equal almost the same points as a jelly donut, but I think the previous will be a little better for me, don't you? I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and walked around the track about 10 times. I'm still sore, but it feels pretty good!
The track in my gym is around the whole top of the gym so you can look down at what's going on in the rest of the gym. Well, yesterday I noticed they were having volleyball camp down there. So, today I kept walking around trying to hear and see what they were doing. I think I picked up a few free pointers!! Funny thing, the guys teaching the v-ball camp are two of the SAME guys I played volleyball with on Tuesday night. Small world! I reeeeally wish there was some sort of adult volleyball camp! I don't know why it has to just be for teens! I was thinking of going and trying to pass of as a teenager. I have been told I look young. Ha ha, might not be such a good idea considering that guy who got caught posing as a 13 year old a while back... oh well. Maybe I'll sign up as a "helper" at a volleyball camp, and then I can learn whatever the main people are teaching, ha ha! Sounds like a plan, I'm off to investigate...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Back on the Wagon

It's been over a week since I've blogged. Feels more like a month. During that week, I went to the beach - twice, once for a birthday party for my niece (just a little beach on the bay here) and once to Ocean City, MD (about 3 hours away) for a whole day trip with a bunch of skinny bee-yotches (yes, that's the way it's spelled in my mind.) That didn't help much with my self esteem... Two days later, I had a birthday party for my 4 year old and went over the top (as in, Pony Rides, petting zoo, pool time, made a home-made cowboy boot cake...) It was lots of fun. One question - am I supposed to be topping each birthday party, because that's just scary. What am I going to do when they all turn 18?? Ha ha, no, I don't think I need to top them, I think one of these times I'm going to do something low-key. My thing is I want to make it fun for his friends who we don't get to see as often. Anyway, it went great. I fell completely off the wagon for at least a week. I went days before realizing I hadn't logged any WW points. I am just going to pretend that week didn't happen. I know I did some damage, but it's time to get back on track.
I've started pretty well this week. I really want to focus on improving my volleyball game. So far this week, I played volleyball for 3 hours Monday night, 2 hours Tuesday night, and went to the gym this morning for 30 minutes on the elliptical and a few laps around the track. I was told by a friend that it only counts if I RUN and I must do it OUTSIDE. I told him, going to the gym and ellipticalling for 30 minutes is better than sitting around all day... (and in my opinion better than running in 90+ degree weather) and I definitely proved that one. I am SORE tonight! I'd like to get back into Pilates because I love (and hate, of course) this soreness, but I think if I do that I'll just do it at home to my dvd's. I don't do well in those classes were there's an 85 year old lady next to me doing it with ease while I'm sweating and grunting and falling over in half the poses. Not encouraging.
So, wish me luck on my volleyball training. My goal is to not be the worst player in the room in this crazy-competitive rec center league I just went to. Boy is that one of the worst feelings, being that person. I don't think I'll give up just yet, though. I just might improve with a couple more weeks there (and a couple less pounds here.)